Understanding Interplanetary Systems 

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Understanding Interplanetary Systems is the second module of Youth Space Camp 2021. 

The course will introduce students to topics e.g. what it takes for interplanetary travel, rockets, landing on a planet, and rover technologies

The second module, Owning Space: A Special Space Law Serieswill focus on current space ownership topics e.g. Who owns Space? Who can live in Space? How do we treat Space and live in Space? Students are expected to debate and write short essays.

Youth Space Camp

  • Age:
    13 - 15 years old
  • Dates:
    5 to 9 July 2021
    2pm- 5.30pm daily
  • Level
  • Lecture time
    3.5 h x 5 days

Registration for the course begins in April 2021. Register your interest for Understanding Interplanetary Systems now for a 20% discount code:

Camp Requirements

  • Computer with internet connection, video camera and microphone function for debate sessions 
  • Ability to type and identify characters on the keyboard
  • All cadets will receive a digital copy of all class materials. If a hardcopy of the class materials is preferred, do let us know by Monday, 15 March
This course is brought to you by Space Academy Singapore and SpaceLab.

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