Owning Space: A Special Space Law Series

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Owning Space: A Special Space Law Series is the first module of Youth Space Camp 2021. 

The course will focus on current space ownership topics e.g. Who owns Space? Who can live in Space? How do we treat Space and live in Space? and students are expected to debate and write short essays.

The second module, Understanding Interplanetary Systemswill introduce students to topics e.g. What it takes for interplanetary travel, rockets, landing on a planet and rover technologies. 

Youth Space Camp

  • Age:
    13 - 15 years old
  • Dates:
    5 to 9 July 2021
    9am - 12.30pm daily
  • Instructor:
  • Level
  • Lecture time
    3.5 h x 5 days

Registration for the course begins in April 2021. Register your interest for Owning Space: A Special Space Law Series now for a 20% discount code:

Camp Requirements

  • Computer with internet connection, video camera and microphone function for debate sessions 
  • Access to writing software e.g. Google Docs/Microsoft word to write short essays
  • Ability to type and identify characters on the keyboard
This course is brought to you by Space Academy Singapore.

For more information on other courses in Youth Space Camp, please email us at learn@spacelab.com.sg or call us at 97811439.

Meet your Space
Camp instructor

Mr. Bryan
Instructor for Owning Space: A Special Space Law Series
Bryan is a law graduate of King's College London and coaches its Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Team. He was a tutor for the 28th European Centre for Space Law Summer Course in 2019 and has attended the 1st UN Conference on Space Law and Policy, UNISPACE+50 and the 61st session of UNCOPUOS. ​​He is interested in the commercial aspects of the industry and teaches space law, ethics in our programme. ​

Other Space Camp instructors

Mr. Adhitya
Instructor for All about Rockets 
Adhitya graduated from the very first Space Academy Singapore. From there he went to the US to Purdue University to pursue Mechanical Engineering. ​​He is passionate about spreading his love of science and technology to the next generation and inspiring them to shoot for the stars.​
Mr. Akshay
Instructor for Space Weather in Living in Space and Space Weather
Akshay is a graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. When he was in IIT, he was involved in the university satellite project whose mission was to measure fluxes of high energy electrons and protons with temporal resolution better than previous missions. This data will help understand lithosphere-ionosphere coupling and earthquake prediction studies. Akshay is now the CEO of Infinite Orbit, a satellite fleet management company and will share his knowledge on Space Weather in the Junior Space Camp 2021. 
Ms. Eleni
Instructor for Living in Space in Living in Space and Space Weather
Eleni studied Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics at the University of Central Greece and received a Master's degree in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine from University College London. ​ She was a researcher at NASA Frontier Development Lab. She was co-author to the paper Harnessing artificial intelligence to support astronaut medical care with automated and interpretable diagnosis for cardiac abnormalities in space.​
Ms. Victoria
Space Camp Instructor
Victoria is an inspiring Uruguayan space technopreneur and was selected by the MIT Technology Review as the Innovator of the Year for Argentina and Uruguay in 2014. ​​She is now the CEO of Chipsafer, that leverages on tracking technologies, including that from space, to detect anomalies in cattle behaviour. Victoria now lives in Singapore. Victoria will share about satellite systems, space communications and entrepreneurship. ​


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